Butterfly Twists 'Anytime Anywhere'

Butterfly Twists is a premium ballerina and footwear brand for those looking for a stylish flats without breaking the bank. High-quality and stylish, each shoe is made with a butter-soft memory foam sole to cushion the foot and maximize comfort. There are plenty of seasonal styles, colours and prints, so you can choose what your heart desires. The newest campaign 'Anytime Anywhere' shows that the shoes can be worn for any occasion from cocktails in the city, leisurely stroll in the park or lazy afternoon at home. What I really love about this campaign is that you can replace '.com' in the butterflytwists.com URL to anything your heart desires and you will be redirected to a page which is most relevant. So if you enter butterflytwists.dance you will see a beautiful dancer. Try .cat, .club, .gallery, .ninja and .random to see more!


  1. WOW! Those zebra print shoes are just gorgeous! x

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