Pandora Zodiac Sign Wheel

I was always fascinated with the zodiac signs and really like to wear a little thing like a piece of jewellery to emulate my own (Gemini). I don't necessarily believe in horoscope, but I like to know that somehow we are all connected through the stars. I've recently found out that the jewellery brand Pandora has released its own Zodiac Sign Wheel in conjunction with their Zodiac Charm range. Wheel is completely interactive and you can pick your star sign (or your friend's or a loved one) and learn more about the personality traits associated with the particular star sign. Also, you can read your monthly horoscope and learn about the compatibility with other signs. As a special treat, Pandora also allows you to simply click and enter a competition to win a free Zodiac Charm and there are 5 charms to win every month! As you can see, all the charms look stunning and they are made out of sterling silver charm adorned with cubic zirconia to create your particular starsign and I really want to get my own very soon. 

What is your zodiac sign?


  1. Great post I'm a Virgo xx


  2. I'm a Virgo! It's my birthday on the 16th :) x