New Dove Body Oil in Pistachio Cream & Magnolia

New Dove Body Oil in Pistachio Cream & Magnolia, Dove, review, beauty, body care, blogger
New Dove Body Oil in Pistachio Cream & Magnolia, Dove, review, beauty, body care, blogger

There is a new bodycare addition from Dove which hit the shelves yesterday - Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Oil in Pistachio Cream & Magnolia* (RRP 8.99). I have already reviewed other pistachio and magnolia scented Body Wash and Body Lotion from Dove few months ago and this time I'm focusing on this amazing Body Oil. Also available in Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla variants, this range of body oils is designed to give you an easy pamper 'me-time' every day of the week. The lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula which smells beautifully means that your skin is extra pampered, feels nourished and you have a truly indulgent experience - whether in the morning or the evening. I particularly love this Pistachio Cream & Magnolia scent which reminds me of a freshly baked macaroons and lingers on my skin for a long time. For the best results and maximum hydration I love to use this oil straight after the shower, so it can lock in the extra moisture from my shower before it evaporates away. A little goes a long way and you only need a tiny amount to cover your whole body. I also can't wait to get a Warm Vanilla bottle which gives delicate shimmer - perfect with my summer tan!


  1. I adore pistachio scents and this sounds amazing! <3 I may have to look into this!

    thanks for sharing!

    zara @ bows and pearls

  2. Looks lovely.
    I'd love to try pistachio and magnolia body wash first. I love body washes that leaves my bathroom smelling great after a shower.

    Is that Glade candle in the background? :)

    Great photographs!

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  3. really like dove products! x

  4. Mmm sounds amazing! I'm going to track this down soon! xx


  5. The Pistachio cream & magnolia scent sounds amazing! Mmm fresh macaroons! I've never seen this product I'll have to go look into it.

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  6. Ooo, a body oil?! Definitely need to pick up this....maybe in several scents ;)