My favourite The Body Shop Vitamin E products

I really like The Body Shop Vitamin E range and every product from the range proved to be great with the exception of night and day creams - I seem to be allergic to one of the ingredients and even though I tried them both a couple of times, I had to give them away, because they left my face  covered in nasty bumps and spots. However, there are plenty more products in the range which I adore and these are my favourites:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
This is definitely my star product. It is a quick skin pick-me up mist and an excellent one for setting make-up, which I am primarily using it for. I love spritzing it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection, especially in the summer. I sometimes also use it for wetting brushes to apply pigments/eyeshadows and creating eye liner. It has a very subtle rose scent and even though I am not a particular fan of rosy scents, this one is a pleasure to use. I definitely recommend it. Whenever I am at the backstage of London Fashion Week the make up artists have it on standby, so it must mean something!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash*
This face wash was one of my first The Body Shop products which I've ever bought when I was 18 and came to London. I had no clue about skincare and I remember my routine consisted of putting a little bit of a make up remover lotion from Superdrug (now discontinued) on NIVEA face wipes, scrubbing my face and then following up with this facial wash to remove any excess impurities. I guess the whole routine wasn't that bad - at least I wasn't using only face wipes! Receiving this facial wash in the post recently I am happy to report that the formula hasn't changed that much - it's still very gentle and doesn't dry my skin - something I am always looking out for. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet*
You can read my full review of this face sorbet here, but I couldn't resist putting it in this post although it launches on 16th July. I am currently storing it in the fridge, so I can get a refreshing coolness feel on my skin - much needed in the summer, especially after sunbathing. It mattifies the face and can be used as a primer - look out for it when it is going to be released!

Do you use anything from The Body Shop Vitamin E range?


  1. I love the Face mist!!! I use it as a setting spray for my make up, it's great! I have a post on this too! :)


  2. I love their lip balm! x

  3. Love love love the vitamin E line. Just started using their night moisturizer and under eye cream