New ZARA necklace and bracelet

I initially went to ZARA to get this hair band - so perfect for summer to give ancient Greek vibes - but when I tried it on in store I've found it inexplicably painful to wear! Those little combs literally dug into my skull and I knew then and there that sadly I'm not going to get it. After strolling through the aisles I've noticed this choker necklace with pearls and I remembered that I actually saw it on some blogger a while ago. It is not something I would normally buy and wear but I am strangely attracted to the gold hues and two big pearls at the ends. I think I can wear it with pearls showing at the front or not. I also noticed a matching bracelet nearby and grabbed it swiftly. I have a really hard time finding a nice bracelet which fits on my small wrists and this one is adjustable, so I know it will not fall from my hand.

What do you think of these pieces?


  1. NEED THESE! Saw a DIY for something like this on A Pair & A Spare and intended on doing it but this is much simpler!

  2. love the bracelet but not a huge fan of the necklace! x