WHAT I WORE TODAY: Valentine's Day edition

dress* - Warehouse, shoes - New Look,
headband - ASOS,
lips - MAC Russian Red 

I was lucky enough to get this amazing Warehouse dress, just in time for Valentine's Day and I thought that I may style it up before the big day to give you another idea on what you may wear. My other outfit - a black jumpsuit in a daisy print is available here for you to see. This dress is on sale, but is still available (in size 10 only) on the website, but if it is not really your cup of tea, there is plenty more of pretty dresses if you want to take a peek. I really wanted to take photos outside this time, to give this outfit a proper justice, but I have been sick in bed since Sunday and today was the first day when I've put on some make up and ventured outside. I've fallen in love with this one since is has nipped waist, beautiful emerald pleated skirt and black lace. I know I will cherish this dress forever, it is such an amazing piece - very subtle and classic! I've added a little bit of fun this time and wore my ASOS headband with cat ears and veil. I spotted it a while ago on the website, debated getting it for too long and it was sold out before my very eyes. So as soon as it became in stock again I've snapped it fast. It is so playful and flirty and adds something extra to the whole outfit - what do you think?


  1. Aww the cat ear headband is so cute and i really love the blue dress~ the colour is so pretty :)

    I hope you have a lovely valentines day! <3

    Ying ♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  2. The dress is beautiful, I really like it because it looks so different to anything I've seen before - very elegant but still fashionable. The cat headband is very quirky too!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. thank you for your comment on my blog! Unfortunately, no reply button appears next to it so I thought I'd share a comment here instead.
    Love the headband! x
    P.S - I just gave your blog a follow via the "join this site" button, would you mind doing the same?

  4. I love the headband - so cute! x

  5. You look lovely Joanna! That dress is so pretty! xx

  6. This is a gorgeous outfit (and you know, as a fan of cats, i'm absolutely LOVING the cat ears! i want a headband like that!). Happy valentines day for tomorrow, hope you and hubby have a good weekend x

  7. Oh My God so cute!! xx
    I just love your blog hun, following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog as well!♥

  8. WOW. The outfitis gorgeous. Your hair is amazing and your lips look perfect!!! Really beautiful!!


  9. This dress is lovely and looks fabulous on you. Looks great with the headband and the red lippy =)

    Corinne x

  10. Love the colour of that dress, it's gorgeous! Not sure I could pull off that cat ear veil myself, but it's super cute on you xx


  11. Your skin is amazing! Very jealous :)

    Happy v.day
    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.com xxx

  12. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

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