The Body Shop Tea Tree range

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If you suffer from a blemish-prone skin, fear no more since The Body Shop Tea Tree range* is one of the best on the market to quickly and efficiently get rid of the pesky and unwelcomed guests on your face. The beginning of the year brings a fresh crop of tea tree and its oil is sourced from a cooperative in Kenya. The farmers hand harvest the tea tree in January and February taking only the leaf from the plant and slow steam to release its most pure, anti-microbial oil, which goes directly into the products - no processing and no changes necessary.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
This is a star product of the range and already a cult classic with one being sold every 8 seconds! The oil can be used directly on the skin and with antibacterial properties it soothes without drying the skin. I tested it on few blemishes and they were significantly smaller in the morning with the area not being dry, so I guess it will now be a firm staple in my clean face routine. (RRP £7)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
This lotion is perfect to clear up any acne breakouts you may have. This doesn't give you an immediate clear skin but after a couple of days of consistent use the breakouts are clear and disappear. It feels smooth and soft on the skin, but beware if you have dry skin, because it may be very drying to the healing areas. So dry skin sufferers shouldn't use it as a part of your daily skincare routine, but those with oily skin will definitely love it. (RRP £8)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser
This pore minimiser is great to use as a primer since it smooths, mattifies and laves skin feeling fresh and pure. It is ideal base for make up and it doesn't dry out the skin. I like to put it on my nose and continue with the usual foundation to achieve flawless effect. Once again, it will be especially loved by the oily skin sufferers. (RRP £7.50)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash
This face wash gives an amazing blast of cool and fresh effect on your face and it is a perfect wake-up call in the morning. Creamy texture doesn't dry out the skin too much and it definitely helps to remove impurities to follow up with the anti-blemish-action regime. (RRP £5)


  1. The Tea Tree Oil is a perfect remedy, great to have at hand in case any pesky blemish starts to appear :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Great overview of the range! They sound like lovely products.

  3. I love The Body Shop but I'm yet to try any of their facial skincare ranges actually - always seem to pick up bath/body and makeup things! I find tea tree oil is really great for clearing up my blemishes though, so I'll probably give their one a go - reasonably priced too (: x


  4. I am currently using the Tea Tree collection from the Boot's own range which I love. They do not have a product like the pore minimiser, and as a BIG fan of The Body Shop I may have to get it as it sounds like it will do the job.

    Becka | This Is My World

  5. I used the teat tree range back in my teens and it was so so good! It look so much cooler these days. xx


  6. I use the pore minimizer as a primer and i love it :) i used to use the whole range when i was in my teens and it definitely helped sooth my spot prone skin!



  7. I definitely need to check these out, I'm never in the bodyshop enough!

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


  8. I am yet to try any products from the Tea Tree range, it sounds like a lovely range though. I'm just not a fan of the scent sadly xx

  9. Love the Body Shop Tea Tree range! Great post as always :)

    Pink Frenzy

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  11. This sounds lovely! I need to try this!


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