WHAT I WORE TODAY: spotted denim shirt

With the cold winds, rain and getting dark very quickly shooting photos for the outfit posts is proving to be a bit of a challenge. So I'm afraid you have to get used to see my current wardrobe favourites with some bits of my flat in the background. This time I've chosen oversized Primark jeans shirt with white spots, black Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans, cute frilly socks from Topshop and my trusty New Look boots. Due to the eye infection (another cold wind by-product) I have been wearing my glasses all week. On the lips I have MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick from the Retro Matte Collection (check my review and what other lipsticks I've bought!). I'm really excited about the weekend, can't wait to relax a little bit and read a book (Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch), drinking some yummy tea or Christmas drink from Costa.


  1. Nice colors! Thanks for sharing.