New rings from Primark

Primark jewellery can be hit or miss, but I can always vouch for their rings selection. I know that apart from the usual rings in sizes small, medium and large they also have adjustable ones, but I never buy these, due to few unfortunate incidents I had when I was little. I also find them uncomfortable, so never even look into that direction. I actually don't have to, because Primark's ring selection is huge and you are spoilt with choices. This time I've picked up this ring-pack for mere £4! They look sturdy, so I am not afraid that gems will fall out, actually this never happened to me with Primark rings, but did with ones from Accessorize and H&M. Maybe that's because I tend to buy bigger rings here, but at least I know they won't fall apart after one week. I especially love the look of the ones on the far left and far right - the lovely iridescent green-blue gem will add a sparkle to any outfit and simple black stone in silver finish will suit all of my clothes. What do you think?


  1. They are all lovely, but I like the most the ring that is on the right side with big blueish stone.

    Pink Frenzy

  2. They're so pretty, will be looking out for these! xx


  3. Love the rings! I wish we had a Primark in Los Angeles!

  4. I love the one that is furthest to the left - gorgeous! Xx