He-Shi Express Liquid Tan review

Introduction to He-Shi
This review is really long overdue, but I wanted to include before and after photos, so that's the main reason of the delay. Few months ago I was introduced to a He-Shi self tanning brand. Established in 2004, it focuses on 3 step system to get salon results at home: Step 1 – exfoliate to prepare the skin for tanning, Step 2 – apply tan of your choice, Step 3 – moisturise and extend your tan. All products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

I was always afraid to apply fake tan - who wants to achieve an unflattering shade of orange with streaks and patches? Hearing my friends horrific stories also didn't improve my confidence, but after talking to a specialist I thought I'll give He-Shi a go.

Staining and smell
He-Shi Express Liquid Tan* is a self tanning bronzer which tans instantly on contact with the skin, giving a lovely bronzed complexion with immediate results. It dries instantly - I was told to wait only 5 minutes before putting on my PJs to avoid any staining and it proved to be true. Following with a beauty sleep I can also confirm that no sheets were damaged, so you can safely dive into a duvet after application. As for the smell, I must admit it is barely noticeable. When applying you don't smell anything and there's a subtle fake tan scent in the morning when you wake up, but after a shower it disappears. When I was using Garnier and Johnson & Johnson gradual tanners the smell was much more overpowering. It may be weird but I actually like the smell of fake tan, so it doesn't bother me, but I know that majority of people hate it.

My process of application consisted of exfoliating with Caudalíe Divine Scrub. After drying, I applied a little liquid on He-Shi Tanning Mitt* and glided the mitt over the skin using circular movements to blend into the skin on my face and body. When I want to achieve a darker shade, I repeat the whole process, so you can get ultra dark colour or a natural sun-kissed glow. I wait 5 minutes, put my PJs and go to bed. I wake up in the morning with dark skin but after a quick shower any extra residue goes down the drain and I am left with a natural looking perfect tan! Then I apply moisturiser like The Body Shop body butter or my personal favourite Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil. The colour usually stays on me for around 5 days. I keep moisturizing to prolong the effect.

Extra details
- Prevents premature ageing through the use of effective moisturising ingredients
- Ecocert approved with 100% Natural DHA
- suitable for face and body
- Paraben Free + Alcohol Free
- pH balanced for sensitive skin
- long lasting with its moisture lock technology infused within the range


  1. Sounds like a great product. I usually end up patchy and then I just give up....