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Lovely Kat from Tales of a Pale Face recently tagged me with the Question: 

If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

Primer - it has to be  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer which I reviewed here. It doesn't sink in as quickly as Benefit Stay Flawless 15 hours primer but I am willing to wait, because it gives a great canvas to apply foundation to stay literally whole day and night.

Base Product - for the longest of time I have been using Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup foundation, but ever since they've discontinued it I had to look for it on eBay or find an alternative. I was lucky enough to discover No 7 Youthful CC Cream at the beginning of May and I have been using it everyday since then! You can read my thoughts on it here.

Concealer - for me nothing beats Witch Concealer. It has dual purposes: natural anti-bacterial ingredients help target and fight blemishes and the cosmetic stick covers them up. I love the fact that it is in the stick - it's less messy and covers any blemishes I may have.

Powder - I am not really using powder that much and only recently got a hang of it. Since then my favourite is Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation (reviewed here). It is slightly on a heavy side, but I only apply very little but it's still enough to hold my make up strong.

Blush (cream or powder) - tough one! It's not a secret that I love a blusher and have been amassing collecting lots of them. Let me do a little cheating and put it this way - I love all blushers - cream and powder ones from Bourjois. These little pots are pots of blusher heaven guaranteed to give colour to the dullest complexions.

Bronzer - I must admit this is the beauty product I very rarely use.I guess I am too scared that my face will have few brown streaks across it. Saying that, I already had few attempts with He-Shi Quick+Easy Fusion Multi Bronze and want to try Look Beauty Holiday Glow in Ibiza.

Highlighter - has to be goregous Chanel Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder. The package itself looks heavenly, and it does an amazing job.

Make-Up Brush (single) - I know that majority of beauty bloggers will pick something from Real Techniques range, but I am going for my trusty The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Joues which I can no longer see on the site (although this one is very similar). It was my first ever professional brush, bought 5 years ago and it is still going super strong with only few hairs missing. It is cruelty-free, super soft (softer than RT brushes!) and gives even, flawless finish.

Eyebrow Product - a simple mascara brush to tame my eyebrows will suffice. 

Eye shadow (single) - it is so hard! If I have to pick one it will be Sandy Shell from the Front Cover True Colours kit. You can see it in the top row, third from the left in this post - it is more coppery in real life.

Eyeliner - I am completely useless at applying eyeliner. I have bought and tried many and unfortunately nothing seems to be working for me.

Mascara - I always go for volume in mascara as I am blessed with naturally long eyelashes, so Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. The brush is curved to lift and fan out lashes and it actually gives me an extra volume without clumping the eyelashes.

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain - Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Showbiz has been made for me! The amazing red colour is something I often come back to - for special occasions and everyday outings.

Lip Liner - I actually don't use lip liners, so cannot comment on this. Maybe I should search for something? Any recommendations and tips what to look for?

Lip Balm - Rose & Co. Cherry Kiss Lip Balm is something I have been using for years and nothing can beat the wonderful smell and nourishing softness, read more about it here.

Nail Polish - for a nail polish addict like me this is too hard. If I really have to pick one it has to be beautiful Revlon Minted which was based on Chanel Jade and started nail art craze for pastel shades and my love for mint colour.

It seems I have plenty of favourites, but some of them have not been reviewed yet! 
I hope to change it very soon!
I invite everyone to take part and to send me links to the blog posts!