WHAT I WORE TODAY: star trousers

gilet - Primark, body - H&M, trousers - ASOS, shoes - H&M,
ring - ASOS

I'm so sorry for a little backlog on my blog, but I'm flying home on Friday and I am busy with finishing some stuff. Plus, I still need to pack and since it is one of my least favourite things in the world, I am dreading it.
I am really annoyed with the London weather at the moment. When I put on a lighter jacket - it's freezing cold. So the next day I decide to go for winter parka and it's summery hot. Please, let it be spring and summer. Always.



WHAT I WORE TODAY: mint leopard skirt and Rihanna t-shirt

top - Primark, skirt - River Island, tights - Topshop, shoes - River Island,
ring - ASOS, flower - Primark, earrings - Topshop,
lips - Sleek Heartbreaker (129), nails - Revlon Fashionista

I've bought the River Island skirt and ankle boots on-line recently. They are still on sale if you're interested. I love the print on the skirt - mint and leopard - it doesn't get any better than that! I've been also on the look out for fun glittery Miu Miu inspired heels for a while. These ones are great, but I am slightly unsure if I want to keep them.

The Rihanna top from Primark was one of my spontaneous decisions - I'm not her greatest fan - what I mean by that is I like the music, but I don't like her as a person. I like my clothes to represent who I am (that's why I'm wearing POWERED BY TOFU top in the gym), but the colours were nice and it's gonna be great to wear it in the summer with jeans shorts.



GlossyBox: The Harrods Edition - March 2012

I no longer post about my GlossyBox, but I am subscribed and I get this beauty box every month. Sometimes I hate it more, sometimes less, but I  thought that this month's box deserves its post  For the first time in ages I actually LOVE the whole box! I am always ranting on Twitter or on other blogs about the products I get - I seem to always get what I don't want. I think the fact that the subscribers receive different items still should be addressed or at least the box should be sent according to the subscriber's profile. Sadly, I've seen plenty of times that the sponsored bloggers receive better goods (like lately Clarins day and night creams). Of course there are other subscribers that get it, but it's still frustrating to see.

This month GlossyBox teamed up with world's most famous department store Harrods and prepared a wide range of products. There was a game on GlossyBox site to guess the theme of this box under the tag of #mysterybox - personally I think it was a waste of time. No one won anything and the only thing you could win was the knowledge that there will be Harrods - GlossyBox collaboration. Subscribers received the box anyway. So what was the point?

My personal opinions about the service aside, I think that this month's box is very impressive and the only issue I have is that all of the products are samples.
I have received:

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her - Eau de Parfum
Very fresh and citrus scent. I really like it, especially because the package it not the usual one, but rather a small spray to put into your handbag.  

Molty Brown - Heavenly Ginger-lily Moisture Bath & Shower
Beautiful scent - very refreshing and perfect for a nice bath - one of my favourites!

YSL - Forever Youth Liberator Serum
This anti-wrinkle serum will be for my mum.

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood No 4
A truly beautiful sleek design of the package. Not my shade of the lipstick, but I may try it to see how it feels. 

Clarins - Extra-firming Body Cream
Very nice, but the product is so small and I don't think I will see any difference after one application. I'd rather receive the night/day creams that were in one of the recent boxes.  

There was also a little magazine Harrods Beauty Special which includes useful tips on how to take care of your skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.



My Marni at H&M

This is what I've bought today at Marni at H&M:

Gently flared skirt in cotton poplin (gold in a jacquard weave containing glittery threads).
It is very beautiful and changes colour in different light.

Short coat without buttons in sturdy, textured fabric, with short, wide sleeves with a concealed press-stud.
 Front pockets with a flap, and a slit at the back.
Necklace with large plastic flowers. Ties at the neck.

As you can see, my final choices were different from my wishlist. It's mainly because the shop I went to didn't have the whole collection, so unfortunately I couldn't get the swimsuit, which I am most heartbroken about - it is just so cute! However, I'm happy to get this skirt, even though it wasn't in one of my choices. But when I saw the material and texture, I've fallen for it - it's so beautiful! The coat is a little big for me, but they were run out of size 6 already!

I woke up super early and even though I wasn't feeling good, I decided to go, because I knew that I'd regret not doing so (after Versace Cruise for H&M Internet fiasco where I've managed to buy only one item, I wasn't relying on hm.com). After getting to the shop, I got a green tag and the 9.25am entry. There were already some people, but as I expected, there were more grown-up woman rather than the usual crowd. I've overheard some of them saying that they've waited for a collaboration like this for a long time, so I guess H&M had a great move targeting it into a wider audience (with better bank accounts too!). The ladies were literally buying everything - the whole collection for themselves. The shop's manager said that they had  the stock worth £70,000, but by the rate everyone was buying, I think it will be a total sell-out. The only thing that seemed not to be very popular were the bags.

Did you get something from the collection?



WHAT I WORE TODAY: pink and mint leopard

top - Primark, jeans - Primark, shoes - H&M
lips - Barry M Palest Lavender (129)

Another pink outfit! It's been so grey and dull outside for the last couple of days, I just had to wear something to cheer me up. I seriously can't believe how comfy and cool these Primark jeans are! They certainly were one of my best buys of the last year. The top (also from Primark) is from its S/S collection and super cheap too (£4)! I've also bought spotty one and I plan to wear it all summer.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early and ready for the Marni for H&M collection and the madness it comes with it. I'm still not sure what to buy and I'll probably decide when I'll see clothes up and close - hopefully there will be some for me left!

Also, I wanted to post a link to a video (#stopkony) that is spreading with a light speed around the Internet. I personally think that everyone should watch it and at least post it on Facebook or retweet it - it's free and can change someone's furure for better!



Marni for H&M - my favourites

Another anticipated designer collaboration Marni for H&M goes live on March 8.

I have a spending bag, because I've spent A LOT last week and it was super-scary to go and check my bank balance on-line. Besides, Marni is not necessary my style - I think the collection can be perfect for the office or as a smart-casual look.

Anything else in the collection catch your eye?



WHAT I WORE TODAY: Banksy's background

jacket - New Look, hoodie - H&M, vest - Primark, jeans - Topshop, shoes - New Look,
bag - River Island

This is what I wore for yesterday's #LDNLUNCH bloggers meet. It was kindly organized by Sophie and Eloise. We have met in The Jetlag Bar where we've ordered drinks, had a little bite and talked about blogging. It was amazing to see few friendly faces and for me to finally meet bloggers I follow for a long time like LilyLipstick and Hannah.

The background in my outfit photos is a famous Banksy graffiti art. Me and my boyfriend are huge fans of his works and it was amazing to see something like this when we've simply turned around the corner. Some of his best diversion is replacing up to 500 copies of Paris Hilton's debut CD, Paris, in 48 different UK record stores with his own cover art and remixes by Danger Mouse. Music tracks were given titles such as "Why Am I Famous?", "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?". Several copies of the CD were purchased by the public before stores were able to remove them, some going on to be sold for as much as £750 on eBay. 



UK Magazines freebies (March 2012)

UK editions of Cosmopolitan and Glamour have nice freebies this month.

Cosmopolitan (£3.50) has a choice of two Clinique products: mascara, moisture surge cream, superbalm and 7 day scrub cream . I've chosen the latter two - I haven't tried the scrub cream yet and you can never have too many lipbalms, right?

The Glamour (£2) freebie collection consists of four different Percy & Reed hair products and the whole collection is worth £48. I haven't heard of the brand before, but the package appealed to me and now I am eager to try Moisturising Conditioner.


WHAT I WORE TODAY: Nirvana top

gilet - Primark, top - H&M, leggings - New Look, shoes - Primark,
ring - ASOS   

I have no idea how I didn't post about this Nirvana top sooner! I was dying to get it, but it was sold out in all the H&M stores I went to. To my surprise, I've spotted it during H&M sale and snapped it within seconds. 

I still remember when I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit at my friends house and we were in some kind of trance listening to it on a repeat for 2 hours. Then she burned CD for me and I've listened Nirvana for days and nights (later it was Iron Maiden and System of a Down). And what a treat it was to see the video on a MTV or VIVA - that was the only connection with the world - oh the prehistoric times without the Internet.