WHAT I WORE TODAY: All in pink for a Leap Year

shirt - Primark, jeans - Primark, shoes - H&M,
ring - ASOS

Today we're given extra 24 hours, because of the leap year. I haven't done anything exciting, have you?

I love that one of my favourite of all trends is going to be huge this season - pastels. Pink, mint and baby blue are one of my favourite shades and I can never get enough of them - especially in the summer. Make me feel so girly and carefree. 

The details on these Primark shirt are a really nice touch and I'm surprised to say but I've bought a lot of shirts in Primark during past couple of months. The pink jeans are also from Primark, bought like 6 months ago, when I couldn't find anything nice on the high-street. Now it is flooded with pastels and I think my next purchase will be jeans in mint.


WHAT I WORE TODAY: neon yellow jumper and black skirt

jumper - Primark, skirt - New Look, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
rings - ASOS (hand), H&M (rose and purple stone), gift (love),
lips - Sleek Mystic   

This is what I wore at the London Fashion Weekend (post here). 

I really like this trend of neon and black (inspiration).



London Fashion Weekend: 25 February 2012

Yesterday I went to another edition of London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. A quick reminder: London Fashion Week is a trade event for fashion industry professionals who must register or be invited in order to attend. 
 Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is the consumer event that follows directly on from London Fashion Week, using the same exhibition and catwalk venue. Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is essentially a designer shopping event, where members of the public can shop from designers of London Fashion Week calibre, from the high profile to the emerging, at reduced prices. My post about September 2011 event.

It sad to say that for me every time the quality of London Fashion Weekend is getting worse. Maybe this time it was because I was very tired, maybe because I went on the busiest time, but the bad taste remained. The crowds are impossible to deal with and to be honest I felt more on the Oxford Street rather than on the fashion event. 

For the first time, I didn't buy a ticket to go to a Catwalk show and I do not regret it. After the last time's disappointment in September 2011, I thought that it would be better to save the money and spend it later in Topshop.

Another issue was that on every corner they are selling the Show Bags, but if you have already bought it and want to collect, you have to go to the one place right at the end. Also, I remember when Show Bags were very limited (unless you've bought them earlier on the Internet you couldn't get them), so the items were great - limited edition full-sized Elizabeth Arden eye shadows, Reiss umbrella... Now, because the whole event is so commercialised (to the point of extreme), the Show Bags are everywhere. Naturally, they no longer have the same quality. Very sad. Some may say that I'm going to the event, not to get a Show Bag, but for me it is a part of experience and I have to pay for it, so I'd expect to get something I pay for.

One of the things I've noticed this time is that the age-range has increased - from little girls to older ladies who shop till they drop. It is nice to see around teenage girls with mums. Likewise, there are more Drop in sessions available: Benefit Brow & Lash Bar, Broadway Nail Bar, The Cowshed SPA and Elizabeth Arden Makeovers. 

All in all, I am now even more convinced that I won't be attending next time, if I won't find any good deal to buy the tickets. It's better to save up for the Wishlist Items.


NAILS: American Apparel neon yellow with black spots

Nail Lacquer American Apparel Neon Yellow
ModelsOWN WAH Nail Art Pen Black

I wore these nails during the London Fashion Week. 
I wanted something with a twist - and thinking of last season's Topshop dalmatian nails, I thought that I will give these a go. I got a lot of questions asking if these were stickers or which beauty salon can I recommend. All thanks to the WAH Nail Art Pen! Honestly, I can't believe I've managed to live without it! I've heard that Superdrug will launch its own brand nail art pens soon and I really want to check them out - I saw some glittery ones, but I'd love white and red - so many options with these two!

Also, I wasn't planning to go to the London Fashion Weekend, but thanks to my friend who found this amazing deal (Shop & Bag Ticket Offer: £16.50 from £24.50), I'm gonna be out and about there tomorrow. I've decided not to go for the catwalk show this time, but rather save for some cute stuff like this!



What I've been enjoying recently

My last London Fashion Week post for now, and I'm saying goodbye with the Hummingbird Bakery cupcake.
I also love this season's LFW bag - so pretty and so much more nicer than the one from September last year.

I got these two amazing journals for the Valentine's Day: 
One Sketch A Day: A Visual Journal and One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book.
I am a huge note-taker, list-maker and journal-writer and I adore these!
Keeps me creative and I can't wait to see what I've been up to in a year or two.



London Fashion Week: 17-22 February 2012 - details

I just love the details. 

For me, they make the whole outfit unique and even with one little bow or some sparkle you can create something entirely unique. 

My absolute favourite from this A/W 2012 London Fashion Week are the pony Jeffrey Campbell shoes - so cute, adorable and amazing I am left speechless (and DIY project!).

The other thing that caught my eye were all the neon additions - especially the neon feathers in the hair (another DIY project) and shoes.



London Fashion Week: 17-22 February 2012 - street style

Some of my favourite street styles during the A/W 2012 London Fashion Week.

Do you recognize any of the faces? 
Which outfit is your favourite?