WIWT: scalloped and spotted

top - Primark, skirt - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
ring (diamond) - Primark, ring (rose) - H&M

This top is from the latest Primark S/S collection. They are for £4 only which is a bargain. A little bit see-through though and I think suited for hand-wash only, but it's still a bargain. I also got another one in a very cute leopard print, which I'm going to post about very soon (simply can't wait to wear it!). I've kind of missed the scalloped trend, because I didn't find anything I liked last year (and the things I loved were way too pricey), so I'm happy to combine two here - spots and scalloped.

I am really into black and white outfits lately with a splashes of colour here and there. I'm yearning for colour, but when I open my wardrobe and start to look at my clothes, I just struggle to (clothes overload) pull out monochrome colours. I am also wearing New Look wedges a lot. They are just so comfy!


WIWT: PEACE belt and ruby ring


top - New Look, skirt - Primark, knee-socks - New Look, shoes - New Look,
ring - New Look, belt - Urban Outfitters, headband - Urban Outfitters

First of all, I am so terribly sorry for not posting for such a long time. I've been sick for almost two weeks and the last thing I wanted was to sit in front of my laptop. Even my e-mail account was not taken care of and today I've been replying, replying, replying. But now I am finally feeling alive and can't wait to check out what everyone has been up to!

It feels so good to be out of PJs and track suits and into skirts and pretty blouses!


OBSESSION: cat ears

LOVE magazine always has an eye-shockingcatching and fashion-forward covers. Sneak preview of the issue that comes out on February 7 features Kate Moss and Lara Stone on the cover. The photo taken by Mario Testino, has models posing in a warm embrace, in similar hairstyles and make up with cat ears on their heads.

Blue background, freckles and blond loose hair makes me think of summer, sea and fun. But the thing I love most are the cat ears - so carefree, cute and at the same time - a new must-have fashion accessory. Great stuff for DIY!


DETAILS: winter flower in my hair

flower hair band - Primark

I love little details that make the outfit count. 
Pink flower in my hair on a winter day makes me feel more cheerful.
I hope Spring is just around the corner!


WIWT: neon yellow sweater

sweater - Primark, skirt - H&M, shoes - New Look,
tights - New Look, belt - Primark

I love the colour of this Primark sweater - neon yellow. So unusual and cheerful. I wanted to wear something warm and this definitely was a good choice. The H&M skirt brings memories of one of my first London Fashion Weekends which I attended. I love the different zippers, even though I usually have no idea how to team it up with the stuff in my closet. Warm tights are a must lately and I cannot wait for the spring to come! (This post is super weird, but I'm writing it with a fever, so please - may I be excused.)

As you can see, I'm in love with the BaByliss Wave Envy and I'll post my review soon!


NAILS: sunshine yellow

Barry M - Yellow (134)
Revlon - Sunshine Sparkle (042)

It was so dark and dull, I just had to paint my nails yellow!


Recent finds: Urban Outfitters Sale

My recent finds from the Urban Outfitters Sale. 

PEACE belt - £16
LOVE belt - £5
How to Make Jewellery Book - £7
Leather-like Headband - £5

I really like UO's quirkiness, but the prices seem too steep for me. 
So sale was a great excuse for a little splurge!

Plus, I've been looking for a similar MOSCHINO belt (much loved by bloggers around the world) for a while now, but was couldn't make a definite decision. I am so glad I've waited, because these two belts are something I've wanted for a long time! Maybe I'll rock two of them at the same time!


WIWT: minted shirt and fox bag

shirt - Primark, top (underneath) - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
bag - H&M, ring - Primark

Yesterday I went to see Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition at National Gallery. It was insane for two reasons. Firstly, the paintings and drawings are astonishing. The two versions of Leonardo’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ – belonging to the National Gallery and the Louvre – are also shown together for the first time - even Leonardo himself didn't see these two together in the same room. However, there is a less pleasant issue - overcrowding. It was seriously impossible to get to some of the works without waiting for at least 5 minutes in a queue. I have new found 'respect' for the older ladies, who were simply vicious and merciless in their fight for the best spot. 

Because I knew I'll be walking a lot today and didn't want to burden myself with a large bag (there's nothing more annoying than taking it around in a small crowded space), I've decided to take my H&M foxy bag. Can something be any more adorable? Also, the Primark shirt, bought on sale rack for around £5, proved to be a great investment. I love the minted colour and the fact that it is oversized.


WIWT: in Warsaw Part 2

gilet - Primark, fox top - ASOS, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
watch - Casio

Another post of what I wore in Warsaw. 
I adore the Primark gilet - it's warm, has super-stylish fake fur statement shoulders and bling buttons - I was totally amazed when I saw it in store and I know I'll wear it for a long time. As a lover of foxes, I couldn't resist ASOS fox top, it is just too cute!

 And when I came back home my mum's puppy was very glad that someone will take her for long walks
(excuse the ugly blanket, it's a protection against her teeth and paws):


WIWT: in Warsaw Part 1


fox hat - River Island, coat - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
bag - New Look, gloves - ASOS

So yesterday I showed you how beautiful Warsaw is, so now it's time to show what I wore on the trip. I am wearing my favourite River Island Fox Hat which you can read more about in my posts here and here. Surprisingly, it wasn't cold in Poland and there was no snow over Christmas, much to my boyfriend's disappointment! A funny little story is that when my boyfriend was taking these shots a huge dog was on a walk with his owner and when the doggie saw me, he cowardly run to hide behind its owner. He was so scared of me! I guess he really believed that I am some kind of foxy animal. We were laughing all the way back.