London Fashion Week: Friday 17 February 2012

London Fashion Week has arrived!

Today I've been wandering around Somerset House, registered, took a quick look at the exhibition and spotted some British celebrities like Kitty Brucknell, Alexandra Burke and Pixie Lott. I also saw Dvora from Fashionistable, who has amazing street-style blog, check it out if you haven't yet! I didn't stay long, because I was absolutely freezing - I wore short-sleeved blouse and a light jacket, which wasn't preventing the cold successfully. Thankfully, I had flats, so was able to run around (the irony is that I got blister from wearing flats, not from wearing high chunky heels last time!).

My outfit and some of the stuff I took with me.

Also, I've spent an amazing time on an Evening Talk with Anna Dello Russo at V&A Museum - stay tuned for my blog post relating the talk. I've even managed to ask her one question (yes, I was super nervous!).


  1. hey it seems we missed each other.

  2. Wish i saw you :) I was there around 11 today. x

  3. Love the necklace - where is it fom? :)

  4. Ooh that must have been so exciting! Looks like you're well prepared for some fashion week fun! :)

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  5. Fashion week is always so exciting!! I hope you get to see some shows :)


  6. I wish I had an iPad with me, it would have made things so much easier!