Happy New Year

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I wanted to wish each every one of you a wonderful New Year 2012!
May all your hopes and dreams come true!

Also, this year will always have a special place in my heart, 
because this is the year when I've started to blog. 
I have never thought how much I am going to enjoy it 
and how many wonderful people I'm going to meet. 

Thank you for making 2011 extra-special for me.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

My family and I celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th - so in few hours we're going to have a great feast and exchange Christmas presents (which are slowly appearing underneath the Christmas Tree). 
There's still lots to do, but I just couldn't resist wishing you all a wonderful time with your families and friends. 

Be happy and feel loved.


Christmas Bloggers Party

Lovely Sarah from citygirlsfashionbox.blogspot.com had a great idea for a Christmas Bloggers Party. The idea behind it is that before the festive celebrations actually start, we decide on our dream Christmas outfits. Dreams are free, right? So I can just loose the reins of my imagination and choose two most amazing outfits: one designer and one high-street.

 If money was no object for me, I would totally channel neon colours in a designer way. I love the Christopher Kane neon pleated wool-blend crepe dress (£895). This dress shows a sweet silhouette with a shock of neon-pink, creating this must-have pleated wool-blend crepe dress (perfect for staying warm). To accentuate the waist, I've decided to add Valentino's  studded leather waist belt (£280). Studs are big news these past seasons and still going strong. This versatile piece will work around the clock - and you can  even wear it with printed shorts by day or with a minimalist LBD for cocktails. To go further with new-season styles, I wanted to add lustrous silver accents and contrasting fluorescent heels. Diane von Furstenberg 'Elan' leather and rubber wedges (£290) are just perfect. The architectural wedge heel and lime-green rubber strap shows that you can dress from the feet up. One of the items on my Dream Fashion Wishlist has been Lulu Guinness' 'Lips' clutch (£225). This acid yellow matched the heels and gives an extra colour to the outfit. I personally would like to own a clutch in a more toned-down colour, but this is my ultimate Christmas Party Outfit, so I assume, I already have few in my closet! A final piece are Solange Azagury-Partidge 18-karat gold plique-à-jour drop earrings (£3,500). They provide the perfect vivid green hue.


The high-street version is much more wallet friendly, but it doesn't mean less stylish! I wanted to create something else and went for a metallic tee and skirt from Topshop Boutique. I think they go together perfectly. The tee (£60) has a perfect pearly-like colour and shine. Blue skirt (£70) has one of the most wonderful tulip shapes and just left me speechless the minute I saw it. I know it would be perfect piece to invest and wear even with the simplest grey T-shirt. To add some heights, I went for the Topshop 'Cherry Trim Lillie' sandals (£65). The detail is just adorable and I love the green see-through heels. I've been lusting after these for ages now, so I'm happy to include them here and share with you. To carry around lipstick and pocket mirror, ASOS Nude Feather Clutch (£25) seems just perfect. I always had soft spot for feather trimmed bags. The jewellery pieces are more bold ones than in the DESIGNER section above. Topshop Rope and Mesh Stone Necklace (£20) will look wonderful on the pearly-white tee, especially if you team it up with the Topshop Premium Tribal Head Earrings (£25). I am very surprised these two were not from the same collection! To add a final sparkle, you can put on Topshop Mystic Stone Ring (£8,50). Even the name makes me shiver - I hope it makes the dreams come true!

Other ladies participating:


Versace Cruise for H&M sneak preview

So the latest H&M and designer collaboration was met with global hysteria when the collection hit the stores. Shoppers queued all night long to snap Versace pieces. Others were restlessly checking the H&M website which (surprise, surprise) crashed and became available when almost all of the pieces were sold out. There were also few lucky ones - including me - who were able get the access super early (read about my experience).

But this is not the end. The final collection by Versace for H&M will go on sale on 19 January 2012 and will be sold on-line only. Lets just hope the website won't have the same problems as before. 

I think that the new Cruise collection will be more to everyone's taste. The original collection was more like a Marmite - you either loved it or hated it. I admit that some of the pieces were too outrageous for everyday wear and it was more an attempt to introduce haute couture to a high street shop in a bad way. However, I don't want to generalise - some of the pieces I've bought I know I'll be wearing for a really long time. 

Similar thing is with the Verasce's Cruise for H&M collection. There is a range of beachwear, jewellery, loungewear, accessories and clothes - dresses, jeans and T-shirts. All in bold colours, pretty fruity prints with touch of white and gold. It is also in my opinion more lazy - the gold high-heeled sandals seem to be the exact copy of the silver ones I got myself

I am still certain that I'll be up and early on 19 January to get the best bits, which in my humble opinion are:


WIWT: sequins and fake fur

gilet - Primark, top - New Look, skirt - New Look, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
headband - ASOS

Sequins and fake fur don't come as a natural combination when you think of an outfit. But after being inspired by various bloggers I've decided to try this trend out. Mixing patterns and materials is what I want to explore more and more. Not to be boring with all the black, white and hint of gold, I've added lime ASOS bow headband in the last minute. It's also great for that extra special measure (besides hairspray) to tame my hair in this windy weather. 

I have to pack today, because I'm flying home tomorrow. I absolutely detest packing. I usually just throw stuff in my bags, but this time I've actually attempted to make a list - mainly because I have so much presents to take with me! I am also excited about duty-free shopping! And of course seeing my family and friends back home, decorating Christmas tree, eating lots of homemade sweets and enjoying the snow.


WIWT: black tulle skirt and gold chunky necklace

top - New Look, skirt - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
necklace - Primark, ring - ASOS,
lipstick - MAC Myth

This ASOS ring has been on my wishlist for ages and I said to myself that I'll finally get it as a small gift. It is weirdly too small for me for the middle finger and too big for smaller ones, so I have to wear it in a spot I'm constantly scared it will fall off. The chunky gold necklace I got ages ago for £1 - I love promotions in Primark! Black tulle skirt is from Primark too - I love style like this and I couldn't resist the low price. So much, that I even bought similar one in rusty colour.

I really like how my outfit is all black and gold. I've been wearing lots and lots of black lately. I was never a person to wear black (when I came to London to study I didn't own a single black item!) but as I get older I appreciate its versatility.

I've spent a great weekend going to the cinema (My Week With Marilyn and Another Earth), singing Christmas carols at Trafalgar Square (and witnessing a riot), drinking lots of festive coffee flavours, shopping and ice-skating at Tower of London. It was also my last weekend of 2011 in London - I am super-excited to go home, but I'll be missing here too.


WIWT: recent British bloggers style

shirt - New Look, skirt - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look

A black and white outfit with a splash of MAC's Morange lipstick. The wedges are exactly the same as red ones from this post - I am so lucky to find both colours in my size - I am sure they're gonna last me a long time. 

I guess this is a quintessence of the recent bloggers style in the UK. The New Look shirt proved to be an absolute hit and I saw it on so many blogs that I've eventually caved in and bought it. I really like it the collar is very pretty with the details and the bow tie is like a cherry on the top. The Primark skirt is another hit and I start to appreciate it's versatility for everyday look or something more stylish like this outfit.


WIWT: Aztec print leggings

top - H&M, leggings - New Look, shoes - New Look,
necklace - New Look, ring - New Look
lips - 17 Showbiz, nails - 17 Pink Grapefruit

I got these leggings yesterday. I wanted different design - more rusty, orange and brown, but there was no my size, so I've settled for these. Apparently, lots of people is returning them, because they stretch easily on the thigh area and can become see-through. I have no huge problem with this, because I wear leggings with tunics or oversized t-shirts/jumpers/shirts anyway, so this area is covered. The leggings are surprisingly warm - maybe not for a super-windy day or freezing temperatures, but I'm planning to wear them on Sunday to Winter Wonderland (yes - I'm going there again - I just can't get enough).

I really hate that it is getting dark so soon - no chance for the nice looking photos. Plus, I look as pale as a ghost and am in a desperate need for some fake tan. Just give me some time. Correction: I just need to find some free time.


NOTD: frosty matt lilac

Barry M Nail Nail Paint Limited Edition - Lilac Foil (146)

 Left: GOSH Matt Effect Top Coat
Right: Barry M Nail Nail Paint Limited Edition - Lilac Foil (146)

Barry M Nail Nail Paint Limited Edition - Lilac Foil (146)
GOSH Matt Effect Top Coat (600)

Recently, Barry M has released new addition to their Limited Edition family - in lilac. 
I've decided to try it on, but with a twist. I didn't like the brush strokes left, so I've used a new trend - matt top coat. 
After searching Superdrug shelves I've found that GOSH makes matt top coat (£4.99).
I actually like the matt effect better than I thought and can't wait to try it on different nail colours! Also, I was expecting my nail to be scratchy and gritty, but it is even just like a normal top coat. You may not see the difference clearly on the photos, but believe me, there is one.


WIWT: Mickey Mouse sunglasses

coat - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - Primark,
scarf - H&M, bag - ASOS, sunglasses - eBay

I got these amazing Mickey Mouse sunglasses on eBay after seeing stylish Vivienne wearing them on her blog.
I actually can't wait to wear them all spring and summer!
Also, Lady Gaga wears similar ones in her videos of Paparazzi and Alejandro and as a huge fan I just love this little fact.

Yesterday I went to Winter Wonderland and it was totally mad. The amount of people was seriously crazy and I can be only thankful that we came earlier to get on some of the rides virtually queue-free. The Detonator is now my all time favourite (13 floors down), even though I actually thought I'm going to die. I am always, always, ALWAYS petrified that the protection bars/harnesses/locks are going to open. I've screamed for about 5 minutes above just terrifying my friend more and more. We survived. And I want more.


WIWT: fox dress with lace and electric blue belt

dress - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
belt - Primark, ring - Maggie Angus

You can see from my profile picture here and on Twitter that I adore foxes. So when I saw this dress in Primark, I went mental! I really did - especially the price tag almost got me fainted - £6! I've been dying to show it to you for ages now, but couldn't decide how to wear it. Because I'm practically living in wedges  and black tights right now, I've decided that the time has finally come. Also, thanks to one of the lovely sponsors of the London Christmas Blogger Meet - Maggie Angus - I am wearing new fox ring. I just can't get enough of the woodland-themed jewellery - it is just so pretty and cute!

Do you think that the electric blue belt works with this dress?
I wanted to accentuate my waist and it was the first thing I took from the drawer.