Obsession: OUI NON gloves

I am so happy about these OUI NON ASOS gloves!
Very cute and very warm with the inside being fluffy and nice. 
Perfect for making a snowman!


WIWT: Versace leggings

poncho - New Look, leggings - Versace for H&M, shoes - New Look,
earrings - Versace for H&M

You may probably remember that I've won a Twitter competition and got a chance to beat the queue and shop the collection before anyone else - 10 minute before the store opened to the rest of the public. You can also see my amazing purchases in this post
I knew from the start that I wanted to pick up leggings from the collection, because I think they can be a nice touch to the outfit, or an outfit in itself. I was hesitating to buy outlandish palms-on-the-beach ones, but after trying them on, I decided that I looked ridiculous and they are way over the top. So I've settled for these black ones - mainly because I wanted to have something with the Versace logo-type. Plus, black will go with everything, right? 
I also bought the earrings and to be honest I regret it now. I cannot return them, because they are jewellery item and they're very heavy. I was wearing them for an hour or two and my ears still hurt in the morning! They are very pretty, but I wish they'd design it in a more practical way. 

As for poncho, it is my first one ever! I've never, ever been a fan of them, I thought they look silly and were  completely not my style. However, I was pulled into this one because of the print and design. There are two more colours available - burgundy and light brown, but again - black is most versatile.


WIWT: blending in the background

parka - New Look, leggings - H&M, socks - Primark, shoes - Primark,
bag - Accessorize

I had a super-busy weekend - just the type I like! On Saturday we went to see World Press Photo Exhibition at Royal Festival Hall. This annual exhibition showcases examples of the best photojournalism of the past year on world events. Some of the photos are very disturbing and even though I saw some of them in the news during the past year, I still found them distressful.

Then off to Somerset House to see 20 Years of Dazed & Confused Magazine - Making It Up As We Go Along. This multi-layered exhibition immortalises the magazine’s most infamous visual stories, featuring legendary photoshoots, iconic covers, controversial editorial content and artwork from influential photographers, designers, and artists. I was especially moved by the two rooms commemorating Alexander McQueen.

Forgotten Spaces was a huge disappointment though. There is a great idea behind the exhibition - based on an open ideas competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects, architects, engineers, students and designers of all kinds were invited to submit proposals for overlooked spaces across Greater London like underground climbing tunnels, city grottos or rooftop social hubs. Sadly, most of the projects are unrealistic.

My outfit photos from above were taken in the tunnel which goes around the courtyard of the Somerset House. I highly recommend the free guided tours during which you can learn so much about this place. For example, this tunnel starred in some of the scenes from the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. It is normally closed, but the Forgotten Spaces exhibition is down there, so you can see them without any problems.

The most interesting exhibition was Amazon. It brings together two remarkable photographers (SebastiĆ£o Salgado and Per Anders Pettersson) to highlight the plight of the Amazonian rainforest and the people living within it. Every minute, an area of Amazon rainforest the size of three football pitches is lost. Some of the photographs show the devastation of the deforestation and people who need to adapt to the new world.

Today, I saw Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011 at National Portrait Gallery. It offers a unique opportunity to see sixty works by some of the most exciting contemporary portrait photographers from around the world. Works include portraits of Keira Knightley and Dolly Parton.  (Ticket is £2.)

Another interesting display is Scott of the Antarctic marking the centenary of the death of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his four colleagues in early 1912. Three of the photographs are new acquisitions that are being shown at the Gallery for the first time.


WIWT: all in red and black

shirt - New Look, skirt - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
bow tie - ASOS

The Primark skirt proved to be a huge hit among British fashion  bloggers and I was lucky to snap the very last one in my size a couple of weeks ago at Oxford Street store. The shirt is something which is not usually found in my wardrobe, but recently  I've found myself buying a couple of them, including this red number. It is sheer, but not that much, plus you can get away with it with a black bra or spaghetti-strap top. The bow tie from ASOS was something I thought I'd invest in, because I can wear it with lots of clothes to change the outfit into something more. The New Look red wedges are a 100% win-win. Very comfy and give me lots of heights - a huge plus for me! I love wedges, because when I do lots of walking around, they really are the best solution.

Very quick post, I have lots and lots to do today. Plus, I feel like writing Christmas cards - not putting it off for the last minute like I always do. I've done some early Christmas shopping today and I am left with two thoughts: (1) Primark is getting more and more expensive and (2) I am not checking my bank balance - denial is the answer.


My evening with Monsieur Christian Louboutin - Coverage of the Talk with the designer at V&A Museum

For months now I've been waiting for this evening. It was a talk with a legendary French designer Christian Louboutin as he discusses his vision for luxury footwear with the founder of Net-a-Porter, Natalie Massenet. The event was linked to the 20th birthday of the Louboutin's first shop, which was opened in Paris on 21st November 1991 (it seems AGES ago, I was only 4!). Another marking was the last month's release of the book: Christian Louboutin by Christian Louboutin and Philippe Garcia. The book deserves another post from me, I'll just quickly mention that I got a personal dedication from the designer himself and still have to pinch myself that it's actually true.

I've arrived super-early to get best seats, because I've suspected (after attending few similar events) that the seats are on the first-come first-served basis. I was right and managed to grab a seat in a front row, right in front of Mr Louboutin!

The talk was very interesting and provided a great insight into his world and life:

On destiny
He doesn't necessarily believe in destiny. He loved drawing shoes from an early age, but didn't know that this is going to be his job.

On his Mother
She was a huge influential figure and gave him complete freedom, believed that people should be brought up in love. She was beautiful, even though her shoes did not reflect that.

On happiness
Mr Louboutin once said: "I don't know how to be unhappy in life". For him, the important thing is combination of being happy in work and in personal life. 

On shoes
For him, shoes have a deeper psychological meaning. It brings posture, transforms the way you walk and act, gives you confidence.

On favourite shoe
It is very complicated for him to choose one shoe design as his favourite, because he enjoys the process of making so much. In addition, certain styles remind him of situations, people and things he came across. However, when pressured by Natalie Massenet which shoe he would try to grab from the fire, he answered that probably The Pump.

On heels
Apparently, no heels and high enough.

On most successful shoe
Love design - first shoe from the first collection.

On being a woman
When asked what he would do, if he was a woman, he replied without hesitation that he would be in high heels.

On independence
In the days when the majority of the designers have sold their businesses (or big chunk of them), Mr Louboutin is one of the loners, being the sole owner of his business. He is very happy about it and does not want to change it, because he enjoys his freedom.

On red soles
When asked if he thinks that the brand would be as successful as it is now without the signature red soles, he replied that even though it is signature, he does not think about it now - it's automatic. It was also extremely interesting to learn that he initially thought about changing the colour of the soles for each season, but then realized that red goes with everything. Even when woman doesn't wear red, she still has something red like lipstick or nail polish. Also, red sole are a synonym of a message on the street - a red signal when you see someone passing by.

On toe cleavage
It is one of the important aspects of his designs, mainly because it gives the impression of the longer legs. In addition, as the showgirls are his constant inspiration, he tried to design shoe which would work best for them: good enough balance to be able to dance with simultaneously having the longest legs possible. Even though some of the women challenged his idea by saying that it looks disgusting and they feel naked (despite the fact that they are even more 'naked' in sandals), Mr Louboutin still loves it. 

On prototype
Apparently the shoe prototype is size 7 US - 37 EU - 4 UK.

I was brave enough to ask him a question after the talk. Believe me, my heart was racing super-fast! I asked What is the best aspect of his job - is it when the design comes to life, or maybe something else. He very charmingly replied that he loves the moment just before the launch of the collection, when all the shoes are neatly presented in rows and he can immerse himself in colours and designs.

Sadly, it was not possible to take pictures with the designer or during the talk, so you're left with me only.


London Christmas Blogger Meet

On Saturday I've attended London Christmas Blogger Meet, about which you've already heard in the past on my posts. I was super excited (and nervous!) about this one, because it was my first event like this. Even though I knew some bloggers from the blogosphere, it is completely different to see people actually in real life! It was so much fun to talk and share experiences.

I am not on the photo (someone had to take it!), but you can check out my outfit in this post.

I just wanted to again say HUGE thank you to Emma and Law
who were two great masterminds behind the meet.

I also got some amazing goodies, so prepare yourself for some photos and reviews soon!


WIWT: black and metal

shirt - New Look, top (underneath) - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
ring (fox) - New Look, ring (pompon) - H&M, hair pompons - H&M, earrings - Topshop,
necklace - Wandsmiths

This is what I wore for #ldnxmasbloggermeet. I'm going to write more about this in the next post and for now I just leave you with the outfit I wore.

Following the majority's advice, I wore the wedges and I am very happy about it. I was a little bit afraid that my feet will hurt, but I've managed to do all the walking (and more!) without any damage. The shoes are so comfy, it's incredible - I think one of the most comfortable wedges/heels I own. 

I also wore a
Hermione's Time-Turner (which you can read more about in my post here) and it proved to be a huge hit! Thank you all for the wonderful comments! (If you are interested: I got it from my boyfriend - he got it on-line from the Wandsmiths - but I've also spotted it in Hamleys.)


Which shoes to wear?

OK, so this week I've bought these two lovely pairs of New Look shoes. 
I can't find any of these pairs on the website, but the wedges were £24.99 and block heels with zippers were £19.99!

Now what do I wear for tomorrow's #ldnxmasbloggermeet?
It's in less than 24 hours away! Eeeek! 


My Versace for H&M

I was extremely happy to hear yesterday that I've won a Twitter competition and a VIP access to The Very Best of Versace for H&M.

I got a chance to beat the queue and shop the collection today before anyone else. 1 winner per store was selected to have a special 10 minute allocated time before the stores open to the rest of the public at 8.50am. So I didn't have to get up really early in the morning and rush to wait in the queue. On the other hand, I waited since 5am in a pouring rain and storm when Jimmy Choo for H&M collection was launched, so I guess karma really do exists. I was planning not to go to the stores and shop on-line this time and I'm even more grateful that I won, because it seems that the H&M website is still crashed.

I've bough silver stiletto heels, red earrings (I think I'll return them - way too heavy), leopard-pink skirt, Versace-logo leggings, black studded dress (I think my favourite). 


Hair bun with a twist

For months now I've been obsessing over hair buns, widely used by ballerinas everywhere. I love the romantic effect and the fast styling. It means that I can use it when I don't have time patience to style my hair, but I still want the nice outcome. A side bun in front has already been worn by a number of celebrities like Thandie Newton or seen on a catwalk in 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I like how a simply putting hair on one side creates a completely new fashion feel. Gives me an edgy feel and I know I can experiment with wearing hair loose or slick. You just need to be really confident to wear it.

                                      Thandie Newton                                   3.1 Phillip Lim

 The Carrie Bradshaw Side Buns: Sex and the City (Season Three)


NOTD: first frost

Natural Collection White
ModelsOWN Juicy Jules

It starts to get colder and frosty every day and I really could feel winter around the corner.
This nail art reminds me of a frosty windows in the morning, when I was waking up and looking outside and everything was covered in snow.


WIWT: at Covent Garden


dress - Primark, tights - New Look, shoes - New Look,
bracelets - H&M

This dress is super cheap - around £10. There are also different colours like red and navy, but be quick if you want to get one. I like that it has longer sleeves and pretty gold buttons. The shoes are my absolute favourite this season. I wear them almost every day, but sadly right shoe's sole starts to come off, so I need to go to shoemaker.

I'm getting really annoyed with my hair. It's way to long. I think I'll somehow try to survive one more month and I'll go to hairdresser when I get home for Christmas. My experience with hairdresser is 100% not enjoyable. I honestly don't know how a person can relax there. OK, it's nice to get head massage, but when I sit down on the chair and the process of cutting and styling starts, my heart is beating, hands and shaking and all I want to do to run away. I once had a really bad experience when I asked for a fringe and described how I wanted at least 5 times and the result was opposite to what I wanted. I cried all night and the next day. It was so horrible to wait for it to grow back... Even thinking about it gives me creeps. 

Did you have any hairdresser nightmares?