NOTD: Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia - 095
Revlon Plum Night - 025

Yep, I've jumped on the latest beauty blogger bandwagon craze - Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia. I didn't want it to be very much visible, so I've teamed it up with the Plum Night. Looks so pretty!


WIWT: fox necklace and dark lipstick

top - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - Primark,
necklace (fox) - New Look, necklace (chunky) - Primark
 lipstick - Revlon Va Va Violet

The Revlon lipstick is one of my newest purchases. For a while now I wanted to try out a dark lips, but I was always worried I will look too weird. I've even contemplated buying Barry M's pure black lipstick, but I thought that it may be too much. 

The dark lips are my little pre-Halloween preview. I literally can't wait for the party! I've done my little make up tryout in the evening and even though I've failed (I looked like a beaten up badger) I know it's going to be perfect on a big day. I've already arranged a little rendez-vous with my two make up artist friends (by hobby, not profession), so the results will be amazing. The only thing I'm worried about is the amount of % they're gonna drink and the state we're gonna be in when we get to the actual party.

As for today's outfit - these £5 Primark boots work great in this weather. And the cute fox necklace is another addition to my fox-accessories-growing-family. I love how this season it's all about wild animals!


WIWT: raccoon top

top - Primark, leggings - H&M, shoes - New Look,
headband - Accessorize, ring - Primark, bracelet - New Look

I have such soft spot for animal-style jewellery and clothes that I can rarely resist anything - especially withing my price range! And oversized items are so good for being comfy and cool (plus, they can hide that extra slice of cake cake, cookies and chocolate you ate instead of lunch).

I got this Primark raccoon top a while ago, but I remember that it was super cheap and uber big. It is actually size 6, so it's good that I tried it on before leaving the store.

The panther ring is also from Primark and unfortunately the quality reflects it. You can't see it in this photo, but one of the gems has already fallen out. I guess I have to treat it with the nail top coat to prevent further loss... The only thing is that I am pretty sure is that the ring will loose its shiny feel. 

Do you like the spiky bracelet? It reminds me of a rock star and is one of my new favourite pieces. I got it in gold too. Very pretty and adjustable, so I think it is one of 3 bracelets I have that doesn't fall from my arm - huge bonus!

On a different note, my lovely boyfriend has his birthday today and I simply have to show you a small part of a card which I gave him. And to prove my cute animal obsession.


Obsession: Rose & Co. Cherry Kiss Lip Balm

Rose & Co. Cherry Kiss Lip Balm

This is one of the products I take with me wherever I go. I swear it has crossed oceans, mountains and been on top of the Eiffel tower. I've found it underneath a Christmas Tree a couple of years ago from my boyfriend.

Rose & Co. was created by Patricia and Caroline Rose when they bought an old druggists shop in Yorkshire. With a love of all things vintage, beautiful and romantic, they restored the shop to its former Victorian splendour and a quirky but charming beauty apothecary was born.

This lush and lovely lip balm is sweetly scented with a rich cherry fragrance and a hint of red cherry colour. Gives lips a surge of protective moisture for soft and scented cherry lips. I have been using it for so long now I cannot imagine life without it - it leaves my lips healthy and sweet. 

There's only little left in my tin, so hints to boyfriend were already made. I expect to find new tin underneath this year's Christmas Tree!


17 Femme Noir

17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss Very Berry
17 Glitter Eye shadow Night Sky
17 Liquid Liner Black

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Dust 

This is the current 17 offer. When you buy any two products, you get this set for free. I've bought this Instant Glow Shimmer Dust and Hot Chilli lipstick (my post about 17 lipsticks is coming soon) and happily went to the till with my gift set. 

The Shimmer Dust adds that extra sparkle to the skin leaving it looking healthy and radiant - just as any other, but it is very good for the price - easy to pop into the handbag and use on a night out.

The Very Berry Lip Gloss is going to be perfect for my Halloween costume! I am also going to use the eye liner. Honestly, this set is perfection for the Halloween. I'm not going to say who I dress as, but will be pretty fabulous. The only thing I am worried about is that someone will steal my idea!!!But feel free to tell me what are you dressing up as? Sexy, scary or both?


17 All About Nude Palette

17 Eye shadow Funfair
17 Eye shadow Walnut Pearl
17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Belle
17 Cream Blusher

17 is a Boots cosmetics brand aimed at teenagers which was introduced in 1968. Sam Bryant, Jonathan Saunders, Eley Kishimoto, Antoni and Alison and Daisy de Villeneuve are among the makeup artists and designers who have produced designer capsule collections for the brand.

This nude palette was available this summer as an extra when you've purchased two items from 17 collection. It is the best nude palette I have found and I am so glad I even got it for free. I am a huge, huge fan of nude make up, usually going only for the statement lips. Sadly, I don't have much eye shadow skills (one of my regrets) and these don't require much abilities. I can apply the soft eye shadows, a hint of shimmering cream blusher and subtle sheer lipstick for the fresh nude look.

I've been writing this post for ages and I know that it's way past this deal in Boots, so tomorrow you'll see my review on a current promotion. The requirements are the same buy two or more 17 products.


Feature: The Nyanzi Report

Now that I am slowly coming to living after few days spent it fever-land, I wanted to let you know that
- a blog of a very special person - David Nyanzi!

If you haven't done so, check out his blog pronto!
He has some of the most amazing and inspiring pictures EVER!

Thanks so much David, it means so much to me!


Trends: metallic gold and silver nails

My favourite nail polish company Barry M released recently new version of Instant Nail Effects - gold and silver metallic. The idea behind it is that it is supposed to look after application like a popular nail-foil. Sadly, the effect is not the same. I figure it would be difficult to actually for a nail polish to look like a foil, but I still like it.

Barry M Nail Paint 320 Foil - Gold
Barry M Nail Paint 319 Foil - Silver


WIWT: checked shirt

shirt - Primark, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
earrings - New Look, ring - New Look, bracelets - H&M

So sorry for the lack of posts! I am down with a flu, I didn't go to work today and I'm not going tomorrow. I've been planning to catch up with the blogging, but the fever and headache are very good in preventing me to do so. I went to visit an ill friend on Thursday, run around on Friday and on Saturday I went to Katy Perry concert which was amazing, but I lost my voice when singing E.T. and T.G.I.F.! So this outfit is from Saturday morning, right before we went out. I don't want to post my concert outfit, because I wasn't in the mood for taking the pictures at that time. 

The Primark shirt was on the promotion rail and I picked it up for £5! I think it looks really nice with the colour of these jeans.


WIWT: Aztec print leggings

top - New Look, leggings - New Look, shoes - New Look,
rings (both) - New Look, bracelets - H&M

I really wanted to write a long post today, but you have to excuse me. I am feeling like crap and I think I may have gotten something from a friend I went to visit yesterday (she has a flu). I've even passed today on cinema. I'm going to bed, drink a cup of tea and watch Jersey Shore. 

I really need rest, because tomorrow I'm going to Katy Perry concert! Woo-hoo!


WIWT: feather hat and emerald jeans


jumper - New Look, jeans - New Look, shoes - New Look,
hat - Primark, scarf - H&M, bag - New Look

I saw few bloggers wearing this Primark feather hat and decided to check it out in store. Because I'm still unsure and self-conscious about wearing hats, I didn't want to invest in anything expensive, so the £6 tag was very appealing to me! Because I am small, it's hard for me to find something that suits me and I don't look like a little mushroom from Mario Bros. games. Hopefully, this doesn't happen this time!

I love the colour of these jeans. I usually go for black or navy, but as my little project of widening my fashion style horizons, I've bought these. I think they're perfect for autumn!

I can't wait for Friday too, because it's my day off and I plan to spend it with Me, Myself and I. Do you like spending time with yourself? I really like it! I don't have to answer to anybody, can go where I want and do what I want. I'm already planning a visit to a museum and relaxing in Costa with latte and some magazines.