WIWT: chic

dress - Primark, tights - Primark, shoes - Dorothy Perkins,
belt - Primark, ring - New Look,
nails - Barry M Blueberry

I just can't believe that today is the last day of August! The time is going so quickly.
And looking outside I've lost all the hope that I'd be able to wear any of my summer clothes this year.
Which is so unfair!

On the top of everything, my laptop is broken completely, the Boyfriend got me a new one, but it takes time to adjust to everything. And also re-copying all the stuff. Takes time and energy.


WIWT: relaxing at home



top - Primark, leggings - New Look, socks - Primark,
bracelets - SillyBandz

Sometimes a girl just needs to relax at home with some movie or TV series, tea, book and a stash of magazines. 
Sometimes a girl just needs to have a lazy day.
Especially when there's a funny feeling in her throat and she is tired.
I wanted to go and see two exhibitions today, but I better gather strength before The Notting Hill Carnival tomorrow! 

These Primark socks I've picked up are so soft, comfy and warm! 
Oversized top or T-shirt with leggings is my perfect relax attire.


Tutorial: Pink Ombré Hair

I decided to go for it and try out Colour Xtreme Hair Art - Pink UV Glow spray from the Colour Xtreme range, which you can read more about here and see the results here.

I'm not gonna lie - I was a little bit scared, because I had to go out whether I liked the results or not.

But I'm happy (and relieved) to report that everything went perfectly.


Shake really before use - until you hear the ball bearing rattle. 

I didn't shake the can properly at first and nothing was coming out!

Spray in short bursts from about 16cm onto the area you want to colour.

More detailed (and stronger) results can be achieved by holding the can closer to your hair.

Pull out single pieces oh hair to create streaks, or spray onto the ends for a dip dye look. You can also lightly spray all over hair for a tint.

Cover clothing to protect from overspray and avoid spraying on furnishings as staining may occur.

As you can see below, I've dyed my body and top during the process, but the stains were easily removed with warm water and a little bit of soap.

Once colour is dry, brush through with a soft bristled brush. 
If it is a hard bristle brush, it will simply remove the dye, so it's better to use it before washing.

I was brave enough to add even more colour!

  • Everything washes out with shampoo and warm water. I first tried to wash it with warm water only and the vast majority was already removed from my hair - I am very impressed!
  • Avoid wearing white clothes - the dried spray will come off and rub on them - I do have stains on my tops, but I am confident they'll be removed after washing.
  • Take care when using on bleached or chemically damaged hair. Do not use on wet hair.

Personally, I think it is Xtremely easy and fast method to achieve coloured hair without any hassle. You can create completely different look within minutes without any commitment and hair damage. The spray option is probably less stronger/pigmented than the gel one, so I am eager to try gel pretty soon. 

Oh, and even though the can is small and my hair pretty long (as you can see) I've still managed to leave at least 1/3 of can, so it's going to be perfect for the single streaks. And it this colour has UV Glow - so perfect for a night out! (Just remember to be careful and think of Ross' teeth when applying - I just couldn't resist!)


NOTD: starry night

Revlon Midnight Affair 094
Bourjois 1 Seconde Paillettes Disco T18

I was recently inspired by the fellow blogger to do a little nail art - starry night with a moon.
Yes, I am aware, that my moon looks more like something even a stray dog wouldn't want to eat, but I have to live with it. 
I never have the patience to do any nail art, so the fact that I've even attempted to do something is already a huge achievement for me.
 I am always so impressed by the girls who make their nails to be a proper statement pieces with various designs and ideas - I salute you!


WIWT: Richard III


cardigan - H&M, top - H&M, jeggings - New Look, brogues - Peacocks,
ring - gift, necklace - gift, 
bag - Primark
Yesterday I saw the final season of The Bridge Project starring Kevin Spacey in the title role of Richard III and directed by Sam Mendes at The Old Vic
I cannot recommend it enough. The cast was wonderful and Kevin Spacey (Boyfriend's favourite actor) was amazing. It's no wonder the reviews of this play are one of the best I've ever read!
All the performances are now practically sold out, but we've managed to get the tickets without any problems for just  £12! All thanks to Tickets for Under 25s Scheme for each performance! So if you're lucky enough to still be 25 or under then you can buy tickets for the shows for just £12 - seats across the auditorium for every performance.


WIWT: to see legally blonde

blazer - New Look, top - Topshop, jeans - Primark, brogues - Peacocks,
ring - Peacocks, bag - New Look

I wore all-pink outfit today as a tribute to a wonderful Legally Blonde aka Elle Woods. 
The musical was great and the whole cast was amazing. Of course everyone loved Bruiser and Rufus - two of the most adorable dogs EVER.

You can also see the preview of my pink Ombré hair. I have already prepared a whole tutorial/review post, but decided not to publish it today and wait for next week. I hope you can live in suspense a couple of more days. 

Also, sorry for the poor quality of photos (that's why my hair looks more red than pink), but the Boyfriend was too lazy to take his own (much more better) camera with him, so I had to settle for my little Kodak.