WIWT: stripes stripes stripes


top - Primark, skirt - H&M, socks - Primark, shoes - Primark,
headband - H&M,
necklace - New Look

Is that too many stripes?
I hope not!
The whole idea was formed when I've bought the socks in Primark. 

OK, I seriously need to start packing today and my back is all messed up after yesterday's gym session.
And I finish work today at 10pm. 
I don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow, so see you on Saturday!


Obsession: Barry M Lip Paints

I was trying to save up for a new MAC lipstick, but after reading reviews on the Barry M Lip Paints by various bloggers and seeing the amazing colours, I decided to treat myself to something.

There's also currently offer in Boots - two lipsticks for £7, which is pretty good. 

From left to right: 147 - Peachy Pink, 100 - Baby Pink, 62 - Vibrant Pink, 129 - Palest Lavender

From left to right: 147 - Peachy Pink, 100 - Baby Pink, 62 - Vibrant Pink, 129 - Palest Lavender

From left to right: 147 - Peachy Pink, 100 - Baby Pink, 62 - Vibrant Pink, 129 - Palest Lavender

I don't know why on the last picture they all look a little bit shimmery. 
In reality they're matte - that's how I like it!


WIWT: le chat noir

T-shirt - Topshop, shorts - New Look, shoes - H&M,
bracelet - Primark's headband

I remember that I've bought this T-shirt from Topshop on Sale while ago. 
I am not a cat person (too afraid of their unpredictability and paws), just complete dog lover, but I just couldn't resist this design.
It reminds me of the poster I've bought in Paris of Le Chat Noir -19th-century cabaret in the Montmarte district of Paris. 

Similar, non?
OK, this one is a tiny little bit more sinister.

Extremely short post - sorry for that, but I have a massive headache today. 
I don't know what is wrong with me. I usually have a headache once a year (yes - I don't have it when I drink too much!), and today it's excruciating pain. 
So I'm off to pancakes and Mad Men.


WIWT: I am Minnie Mouse

T-shirt - Topshop, shorts - George at Asda, shoes - Dorothy Perkins,
ring - Peacocks,
lips - 17 Showbiz, nails - 17 Moonstruck

Even though the weather in London is more bummer than summer I decided to defy it with short pink shorts.

I've actually bought them two or three years ago and now I notice they're a little bit too big for me now (and I'm not complaining about it!). But with a baggy oversized t-shirt I am fine, right?

I'm going home on Friday and I am excited and can't wait to see me doggie, friends and visit all of my favourite places. I also have few short trips planned and just want to relax and enjoy myself. There's only one hurdle on the way - packing. It's one of the worst things EVER. I never know what to take and usually end up throwing stuff into a suitcase in a panic mode 1 hour before I'm due to leave on a plane. This time it will be different. That's what I keep telling myself.


GlossyBox - July 2011

So I've collected my July GlossyBox today. 
After last month's spillage issue, I was a little bit apprehensive about opening it. 

Everything was OK with the products this time, but once again, I think my mum will be over the moon when I'll bring her most of it.

This is what was in this GlossyBox:

Feel free to use promotional codes!

Tips: A well-organised make up kit

Today I've read an article about a woman who has been collecting make up products for astonishing 30 years.

At the end, top make-up artist Rachel Wood (worked with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale) gives her top tips for a well-organised make-up kit. I decided to copy them for future reference.
  1. Compare cleaning your make-up drawer to emptying your fridge - if it smells, looks old or has changed colour then throw it out! If it's a spoiled product it can cause breakouts or eye infections.
  2. Mascara should be replaced every six months, foundations every year to 18 months max. Lipsticks, if clean, can be OK for years. Powder products, such as blushers and shadows, if kept clean, can be fine to use for even longer.
  3. If you have half-used lipsticks that are clean but broken, try putting them into a palette or small jar containers. This way you can see what you have, rediscover your colours and even mix and match them.
  4. The same applies to compact powders and blushers you just cant throw away - even though they mess up your handbag due to broken packaging. Put them in a new container, and apply as you would a loose pigment.
  5. Do an inventory of what you actually own. Many women go make-up shopping only to come home and remember they already own four eyeshadows in the same shade.
  6. If you have products you love but end up unused because you're not sure how to apply them, try a mini make-up lesson: YouTube is an amazing beauty resource.
  7. Keep your tools in good condition. Chuck any dirty sponges, they are super-cheap to replace. Brushes should be washed - I use washing up liquid and a small amount of hair conditioner in warm water, then lay flat to dry. Eyeshadow pad applicators are easy and inexpensive to replace, but it is worth investing in a decent quality brush or two if you are into stronger or smoky looks. Just remember to take care of them. 
  8. Don't forget that some companies reward you for being a product junkie - I love MAC's Back to MAC recycle programme. Bring six empty plastic MAC make-up containers to one of the label's counters and you'll get a lipstick of your choice in return.


London Fashion Weekend September 2011

What is the difference between London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend?
London Fashion Week is a trade event for fashion industry professionals who must register or be invited in order to attend. London Fashion Weekend is the consumer event that follows directly on from London Fashion Week, using the same exhibition and catwalk venue. Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is essentially a designer shopping event, where members of the public can shop from designers of London Fashion Week calibre, from the high profile to the emerging, at reduced prices.

The Catwalk
The catwalk at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend differs from that of London Fashion Week. The Vodafone London Fashion Weekend Catwalk is the same throughout the event. The catwalk show itself is made up of a variety of designers’ collections and will round up the trends for autumn/winter 2011.You will be given the catwalk times available to you during the ticket booking process.
You can check out the designers here.

I've already been on a couple of LFWs and they are really good for inspiration 
(and a goodie bag - this year designed by David Koma!). 

It's also a great way to feel glamorous, dress-up in your most fashionable attire and simply spend a couple of hours with other fashion-freaks!

I've booked my London Fashion Weekend tickets for A/W yesterday. 

I'll be watching the Catwalk show at 1pm on Sunday 25th September, so if you'll book the tickets at a similar time, we can meet up and check it out together!


WIWT: grey see-through T-shirt

T-shirt - Primark, jeans - Primark,
shoes - Primark

OK, so I am wearing head-to-toe Primark today, but I just love the combination of all these colors and prints. Saying that, I'm going to work in two hours, and I'll probably wear a nude vest underneath, just for safety measures. 

I saw the promo of the Season 4 of the Jersey Shore and I can't wait! I know that some people think that it's the most stupid TV show ever, but I just love it! JWoww and Deena always make me laugh. This season looks so good - lots of drama! I am aware that it's scripted, but as long as I have a good laugh, nothing else matters.


WIWT: raspberry blazer

dress - Primark, shoes - Primark, blazer - New Look,
socks - Primark

I hope you like channelling your inner schoolgirl wearing knee-socks. 
This is also a perfect way to fight with the London's unpredictable weather - hot and cold all the time.
It's mostly cold these days. So cold that I forget what it means to have SUMMER. Le sigh.

The print on the dress is very cute and I love how my blazer matches it perfectly.
These blazers are one of the best sell-outs in New Look at the moment, so if you wanna grab them - be quick! I got it also in black and sandy colors.  

I've also been re-watching Glee episodes and this look remind me of Rachel Berry so much!


WIWT: Je t'aime

top - Primark, black top - New Look, shorts - Primark, shoes - Primark,
lips - 17 Showbiz, nails - 17 Moonstruck

Yep, this is my new favourite hairstyle and lipstick.
So prepare yourselves for a few more posts of me wearing these.
And I really need to go for a sunbed. My legs are ghostly white.

Because I love everything French I just couldn't resist this top. It is also perfect to wear over something, and you are not that cold. 

I've been also wearing my £5 Primark boots almost every day. They are so comfy when you have to lots of walking to do. Plus, the color matches pretty much everything. I like how they're giving me this biker chic edge.

200 Followers Giveaway Winner

I am proud to present Alicia as a winner of my giveaway!


Also, a massive thank you for all of you who entered and I wish you luck for all of my future giveaways!


WIWT: Masters of Style exhibition

jacket - I'll say vintage because I had it for 7-8 years, top - Primark, skirt - H&M, boots - Primark,
bag - Paul's Boutique
necklace - New Look, bracelets - H&M (pink), Topshop (yellow)

It is a tiny bit of cheating, because I wore this outfit on Saturday, not today, but I decided to share it with you anyway. I'll probably should have named this tag Outfit Of The Day instead of What I Wore Today, but I am just too lazy to go back and change the title every post. 

So on Saturday I went to Somerset House for a free guided tour and later to see exhibition - Masters of Style: Celebrating the Stories behind Italian Fashion. I highly recommend both - our tour guide was excellent - he had knowledge, anecdotes and we went into places where people are not normally allowed. For those living in London: did you know that the Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes and many more movies have been filmed in Somerset House? 

The Masters of Style exhibition has exceeded my expectations. To mark the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification, Masters of Style brings together six of Italy’s most influential fashion houses to celebrate the stories behind Italian fashion. Looking at defining moments from their advertising campaigns, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Gucci, Missoni and Prada will showcase a personally hand-picked selection of images from their collections and archives, bringing to life iconic style moments and offering an insight into the passion and influences behind their work. There are also catwalk screens with the latest A/W collection of each of the fashion house and I can only say I've fallen in love with Gucci for women and D&G for men. Amazing!

Sorry again for not blogging very often. The time keeps flying by and I usually realize that it's the weekend on a Saturday morning. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday and thought I have to get ready to work - crazy stuff!