Lace bag

This is my brand new bag from New Look - I bought it today and love it already.

It's a variation of the Alexa Mulberry bag.

I love bigger bags, because I'm usually carrying around lots of stuff like a wallet, BlackBerry, iPod, cosmetic case, keys, a book to read, a notepad... I think I need to do What's in my bag post soon!


Review: Barry M Nail Paint - Block Orange

Because yesterday was such a grey day in London (rainy and windy and cold) I decided to cheer me up with some colour. 

I went crazy at Barry M counter and ended up buying even more Nail Paint!
Seriously, soon, I'm gonna have every colour in their palette if I don't stop.

But I just couldn't resist this screaming Block Orange 301 and it looks great!


WIWT: pleated maxi skirt and Céline-style bag

top - Primark, skirt - Primark, shoes - New Look,
bag - Primark

 OK, so last week I saw this maxi pleated skirt in the Look Magazine and I just knew I had to have it! It's grey and jersey-feeling, so will match pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Of course because I'm so small I really have to stand up high and wear some wedges (feel more stable than in high heels) so I won't trip on the pavement! 

I'm also wearing Primark top, which appears in one of my earliest posts on this blog. 
I like this loose feeling, even though I may look a little bit like a tent! 

This bag, oh this bag. How amazing is it?And for only £5?!?! 
My friend recently bought similar one from Dorothy Perkins for £25, so obviously there is a difference.
 I'm not saying that the quality is ideal (come on, I know that it's Primark!), but it reminds me of the Céline bags from the Summer 2011 collection:


WIWT: leopard print

cardigan - eBay, top - New Look, jeans - Primark, trainers - H&M,
ring - Primark

As most of you know (I've already repeated myself when commenting your posts a thousands times) I am obsessed with leopard print. I just find it so cute and funny and can't get enough of it!

I've paired both prints from the cardigan and trainers together and even though some may say that it's too much, I love it!
 These H&M trainers were seriously one of the best of my recent purchases and I've already been asked a couple of times where to get them.



Review: Barry M Nail Paint - Berry

I'm in love with this Barry M Nail Paint
I've been already wearing it for months and it's one of the best nail colours I've ever found. 
It is Berry I/C 308 and belongs to the pastel range.
Very sturdy with matte finish, suits tanned and pale skin. 



WIWT: neon pink

top - Primark, under-top - H&M, jeans - Primark, shoes - Dorothy Perkins,
ring -Peacocks

Both jeans and top are one of my recent Primark purchases. 

I wanted to play with some colour blocking and to have a good base so I decided to go for these jeans. 

I saw the top when passing by and thought that £4 is not that bad - even if I'll wear only a couple of times. 
I also think that it's gonna be good over-the-bikini top when I'll go on the holidays. 
Because the top is so see-through and I'm not that brave I decided to wear a nude spaghetti strap top from H&M underneath it.



WIWT: Lady Gaga

jacket - Primark, T-shirt - Lady Gaga Monster Ball, skirt - New Look, shoes - Dorothy Perkins,
earrings - Topshop, ring - Topshop

Lady Gaga releases today her newest album - Born This Way. I'm a huge fan of Gaga - she has amazing songs and is a true artist. I wanted to wear something as a tribute to her today.

Primark jacket is a true gem. I remember that I friend bought the same one first and I was running to the store and praying to find one in my size. I literally grabbed it from the rack and it was the very last one! Yeah!

I had this T-shirt for a really long time - it's from the last year's Lady Gaga concert in London. I bought it too big with the intention to simply use it as my pyjamas, but now I think it's too cute and special for me. It's been hanging in the wardrobe all this time, also because of its stinky smell - I bet you know this kind - when you buy not-so-good quality clothes and take it out from the plastic bag they've been in. I am happy to report that T-shirt is now stench-free and I can wear it wherever, whenever.

The skirt from New Look was a total bargain. It's almost pure tulle, so you can see right through it. But with the oversized T-shirt, I am not afraid to go out. When it's colder I usually wear it with black opaque tights under and feel OK too.



Selfridges today

In the afternoon, because we had some time left before the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (not impressed. at all), me and Boyfriend went to Selfridges. I just love displays there and that rush of adrenaline when you're touching this Chanel/Gucci/Prada bag!









WIWT: maxi stripy dress like Kim Kardashian

dress - Primark, shoes - Next,
lipstick - MAC Morange

This year summer is all about maxi dresses. But to be honest every year all the fashion magazines are screaming that the hottest trends for S/S collections are going to be maxi dresses. Well, it simply because they will never go out of style. 

Because I'm really small, it's very hard for me to find a nice maxi dress which doesn't have to be altered. And I mean it. Even the dress from today's post will end up at the tailor, because if I can pull it off in heels, I won't do it in flats (sniff, sniff). 

When I saw this dress in Primark, I knew that I have to have it. I was a little bit worried about the stripes, as they tend to make you larger in places you'd like to be smaller, but to my astonishment, when I tried it on, I actually appeared to be smaller. It's all thanks to the asymmetrical stripes on each side of the hips - these are life saviors! 

After getting home and admiring my purchase (I always do it with the new things - coming home and immediately trying it on!), I remembered that I recently saw Kim Kardashian wearing similar design.

To be honest, I like my Primark's better. The "cutoffs" in my dress make you optically smaller and it's just more fun that way.


WIWT: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

T-shirt - Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, skirt - New Look, wedges - New Look,
headband - Primark

Who doesn't love the fashion sense of the style icon Sarah Jessica Parker?

And if you had a chance to get a fraction of her own personal style for few bucks, would you do it? 

Well, a couple of summers ago I didn't hesitate a minute and started to look for items from the Sarah's collection - Bitten. Bitten, a line of low-cost clothing by Sarah Jessica Parker, was sold exclusively through Steve & Barry's, a now-bankrupt retailer. The line, featuring clothing items and accessories under $20, launched on June 7, 2007.

I absolutely loved the collection, but there was tiny, insignificant detail: they did not ship to UK.

So for days I scouted eBay until I've finally found T-shirt and wedges. I now regret terribly that didn't buy few more items, but two are better than none. I got this T-shirt with the peacock feather and red wedges (to be seen in the next post).