WIWT: neon pink

top - Dorothy Perkins, trousers - Dorothy Perkins, navy blazer - Topshop, ballet pumps - local market

To celebrate spring and sun I decided to wear my neon pink top today. I bought it ages ago (I think like 2-3 years ago) in Dorothy Perkins and it was patiently waiting at the back of my closet. Neon pink wasn't colour du jour at that time. It had an amazing deal - £12 to £3, plus it is a Petite range. Nice slashed sleeves are a bonus.

I combined it with my new Dorothy Perkins skinny ankle trousers and a navy Topshop blazer - schoolgirl style - I saw Taylor Swift wearing the same one when she was in London some time ago. I love this blazer, because it really goes with anything!


Royal Wedding Day - The Dress

There was only one thing I was waiting most to see during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - her dress. I knew it has to be something out of ordinary and was eager to see if the Alexander McQueen label and Sarah Burton as a designer-in-chief will have the privilege to have their place in the fashion history. The rumor turned out to be true as Sarah Burton not only designed the bride's dress, but also her bridesmaid sister Pippa Middleton.

The Dress was simple and classy. Just a stunning piece. Its style will last forever. It was much more modest than I thought it would be, but because Kate is a truly beautiful girl, she didn't need elaborate and over-the-top design. 

When I was watching I suddenly remembered that I've seen a similar dress before - Grace Kelly wore it when she married her Prince of Monaco and it was mercilessly copied over the years by the brides-to-be. I think the same thing will happen to Kate's dress. I don't like Diana's dress - she looked like a huge meringue and ever since her wedding day brides wanted to look like cakes too. So I'm really happy that Kate wanted to keep it traditional and simply simple.


WIWT: skinny ankle trousers

flower headband - Primark, lips - MAC Morange, top - Primark, trousers - Dorothy Perkins
ballet pumps - local market

I recently discovered how to make a nice and proper hair bun - the secret hidden from me is that the hair needs to be really high up. And I've fallen in love with his hairstyle - it suits almost every outfit. 

I added Primark headband, just to make it fun - I usually don't wear such huge statement headbands, but I'm gonna be brave today!

On the lips MAC's Morange lipstick, which is the hottest spring trend - I love it! All of my lipsticks are in pink/nude, so to break from this palette was hard, but now I feel comfortable in it.

Top is from Primark and it's really swishy and swooshy.

The trousers are from Dorothy Perkins petite range - skinny ankle and the colour is perfect for my wardrobe - will suit anything!


Barry M Nail Paint Nail Effects Instant

Today I finally bought Barry M Nail Paint Nail Effects Instant in pink colour! I had black one for over a month now and my nails went through a period of looking like a cheetah. Fun! I knew that there are other colours available: pink, white and blue, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

Nail Effects Instant is basically a nail polish which you apply on the already painted nails and it settles instantly to create unique cracks. Always remember to apply only one coat, otherwise the effect won't be successful. It's just as the leaflet says: (1) Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry; (2) Apply a single coat of Nail Effects Instant, don't overlap; Watch the unique effect appear before your eyes. The tutorial is available at the Barry M's website here.

I went to Brent Cross today to buy a running water bottle and check out running T-shirts, so I went to Boots. There's now a deal of £5 for two Barry M nail polishes. I snatched pink nail instant effect and also a mysterious indigo colour. 

I knew that pink is going to look great on my Revlon's Ocean Breeze nails, so as soon as I got home I put it! I made it shiny and sturdy by applying top coat afterwards. It looks great and can't wait to show it to my friends tomorrow!

Revlon scented Nail Polish - Ocean Breeze

I recently bought the latest and most talked about nail polish which is scented - Revlon Ocean Breeze. What is special about this product, is that when you paint your nails, the polish will slowly release a nice scent - right from your nails! How amazing is that?! I talked with my friend that the next step will probably be scented mascaras, so when you fluff your eyelashes, you can smell them. 

Because there's offer in Boots where you can buy 2 nail polishes for £8, I knew that I wanted to try it out. So I bought: Sunshine Sparkle - yellow and glittery, which is perfect for summer and tanned skin - and Ocean Breeze, which is scented and the colour reminds me about the mermaid's tail - it's frosty blue/green with shimmer.

Last week I painted the nails with the Sunshine Sparkle and got a lot of compliments, so I was happy about it. Yesterday I used Ocean Breeze and I am happy to report that after the application the nails did smell. Unfortunately, when I woke up in the morning and went to the gym I tried to whiff something out of them and there was nothing. I applied 2 coats and I'm loving the colour, but as for the scent - it's just not there. Too bad Revlon advertises that the smell lasts for up to 5 days.