Deceiving the consumer - using false lashes in mascara advertisements

This post was inspired by the recent article I've read about UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) acting to ban yet another beauty product advert. 

Rimmel made headlines last year in the UK with the ASA putting them on a hot spot for putting false lashes on Georgia May Jagger in its 1-2-3 Looks Mascara ad. The advertisement (both TV commercial and magazine ad) was banned in November, because Rimmel failed to make clear that Georgia May Jagger's eyes were enhanced with artificial lashes.

The text and voiceover gave the impression that turning a dial on the mascara would provide thicker, longer lashes on a scale of one to three. In fact, the longer, fuller eyelashes seen in each image were actually created using artificial inserts. Vertical small print on the magazine advertisements stated the images were 'shot with lash inserts'. A similar line was run on the TV commercial.

The ASA said that while the use of lash inserts was disclosed, the ad did not make it clear that they were of different lengths. It was unhappy at the sample size used as the basis of the campaign's claims involved just five women.

Now, CoverGirl has ridiculed themselves in its latest mascara ad, which stars America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole Fox. The print commercial for LashBlast Volume promises a false lash effect. However a small print disclaimer running alongside the image states that lash inserts were applied to Miss Fox's eyes before the product was applied.

The disclaimer is at complete odds with the copy in the ad, which reads: Is your volume true? Or false? LastBlast gives you true volume. The small print, however, which is barely visible in the bottom left-hand side on the model's neck, reads: 'Lash inserts were applied to both of Nicole’s lashes to add lash count before applying mascara'.

What do you think? Should CoverGirl take the ad down?


  1. This is a good point actually! I think personally no lash inserts should be allowed with or without a disclaimer as it's just stupid - we want to see the effects of the mascara, it's as simple as that!
    However I know that isn't going to happen any time soon.

    As for the ad it is totally contradicting itself but it's in the US and they don't have the ASA (or anything as strict) that we have here if I'm correct, so I'm sure nothing will be done about it.

    In my eyes it's just another stupid false advert.

    Fee x

  2. It's very interesting matter. I see the same problem with Vichy and La Roche Posay ads for young people with acne, where the model on the poster has flawless complexion, for sure with some help from photoshop air brush. ;) These things really piss me off- I mean, many of their products (the same situation with mascaras- I like covergirl's mascaras) are of good quality. Why lie to the customer then? I would like to be able to see the true results, before I buy a product. :)

    I really like your blog, so from now on I'm your follower. :)

    Come and visit me,
    Polka dot.


  3. agreed! You want to see the effects of the mascara, if the company feels the mascara is weak enough that to show any effects they have to load the models eyes with falsies, than the mascara probably isn't good....

  4. It's ridiculous how this is allowed to happen. It's complete false advertising, similar to airbrushing women in foundation adverts, which unfortunately happens a lot too. They should definitely take down the advert! xx

  5. i agree this is so wrong! the commercial must show the effect on real lashes ,any mascara can work on false eylashes,it just gives a bit of colour ...i am really disapointed by all this that's why i have stopped believing in tv commetcials and listen to reviews from everyday people who dont have any profit :)

    great post!!

    kisses <3


  6. I understand that they want to sell a product but it infuriates me that mascara adds almost always use lash inserts. We're buying a mascara, we need to know HOW good its going to be, before spending out money. As far as I'm concerned the ads are all useless because none of them show anything real. You can only ever really go by honest reviews on blogs.

    I think lash inserts should be totally banned in mascara ads as it defeats the entire bloody object! xx

  7. i know that ads are all retouched, but this seems like false advertising.

    dash dot dotty

  8. hmm well if you think about it all the adds are retouched and photoshoped and everything..

    i don´t think that any model has so nice skin and lashes :D

  9. First, this is simply the best post i've read all day.

    Second, we do have a vigilant ASA in England and that's a good thing. If someone is looking to make a quick buck by deception, than they sure will take them down.

    Thanks for writing about this.

  10. I never believe ads for makeup anymore! I just go by reviews from actual people; ads are so mischevious with what they're describing!

  11. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  12. I've seen so MANY of these adverts before and always find it hilarious! I just don't see the point at all. I don't expect to see a porsche on a fiat advert - Sort it out like!

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    thanks for the comment :)
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  14. definitely. it's false advertising. although to be honest it is quite obvious and now i just assume its the case with mascara adverts!! ih ave naturally really long thick eyelashes, so when i wear mascara i *always* get people asking me if they're fake

  15. Great post - I never trust mascara ads anymore because of the blatent false adverising. If I wanted to buy false eyelashes they would be perfect!

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  17. When I get a mascara is not because of their ads but because of bloggers reviews, I don't believe any ad because of this and it certainly won't change any time soon. It would be better if consumers could see the results before getting their product, lies are not gonna make it better :/ . Nevertheless , I must say that I loved Covergirl's ad :P , Nicole looks beautiful there, even with here fake lashes.

    I love your blog so much, there are tons of things to read and see. I started following you a while ago but I'll come and comment here a lot more. Take care :)

  18. I agree!

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